A Year in the Yard
What Are People Saying?
       Some comments from people who have read the book:

       M.A. Sheehan is our modern day May Sarton. Sheehan's
A Year in the
is a hike into the discoveries of a backyard . . . and so much more. A
journey into the nature of a woman, a writer, and a naturalist, this intimate
memoir is about beauty, land, truth, trees, purpose, animals, love, and the wild
callings of a soul.

               Lisa Couturier, author of
The Hopes of Snakes & Other Tales
               from the Urban Landscape
(Beacon Press, 2005)

       I am loving your manuscript. It is such a skillful and compelling blend of
nature observations and personal insight. Your voice is clear and true. The
rhythms of the yard and your inner rhythms are perfectly interwoven and finely
attuned. Not only do I not want to tear myself away from it but I'm learning so
much. My problem today is that I started the day with your book and I don't
want to leave it to take care of mundane matters! There is no question about this
being published. Lucky lucky publisher who gets this work.

               Melanie Choukas-Bradley, author of
City of Trees (University of
               Virginia Press, 2008)

       I told my husband we had to get rid of our SUV and start gardening with
native plants.

               Megan Rodham, Vienna, Virginia

       My office mate lent me your book to read, and I want to tell you how
much I enjoyed it!! I was born and raised in this area and not only did I enjoy
learning about what goes on in  mid-Atlantic yards when left to their own
devices, but learning some of the history of this area.  I hope that you are able
to publish this lovely book. . . . If and when you do, I will certainly recommend it
to my environmental friends! My husband is now reading it.

               Carole Hoage, Colesville, Maryland

       I was deciding whether to buy a hybrid. After reading this book, there’s no

               Liz Nicholas, Silver Spring, Maryland

       This book changed my life.

               Kathleen McHugh, Rappahannock County, Virginia